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Support human genetics and genomics research, education, and advocacy

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Support human genetics and genomics research, education, and advocacy

Together, we can ensure all benefit from genetics and genomics research

Through your gift, you will help ensure that people everywhere benefit from human genetics and genomics research by:

Promoting excellent research that advances our understanding of the genome and leads to the better disease diagnosis and treatment through field-leading journals and professional awards;

Building community and collaboration by bringing together thousands of human genetics and genomics researchers from across the world through membership and the ASHG Annual Meeting;

Supporting learning and career development through year-round online education, fellowships in genetics education and public policy, and awards recognizing outstanding young researchers;

Advancing diversity and inclusion by supporting the professional development of diverse early career researchers through the Human Genetics Scholars Initiative and promoting diverse population participation in research;

Engaging and educating the public and lawmakers about the benefits of human genetics and genomics through public outreach and advocacy efforts, including the DNA Day Essay Contest, position statements, Capitol Hill legislator visits, and more.